Go Forth - Unlock your Creativity
ICMA 2024

You're creative but you would like to be mentored to upskill? With so many avenues to express your creativity, would you like to meet and hear from experts in the field?

ICMA is thrilled to announce its return in 2024 with another conference, themed 'Go Forth - Unlock Your Creativity'. Get ready for an experience filled with practical mentoring sessions and access to the latest media products along with ICMA certification. Join us for learning and networking! Don't miss out – secure your spot by registering now!

2023 Recap - Follow Me

Our media environment is constantly evolving and expanding. It's crucial for our content to shine amidst the plentiful supply of material readily accessible on the internet. There is a prevailing trend of emphasising "Follow Me" across the world. This phrase is so relevant today. We need to have the spirit of excellence to share this content, leading people to CONNECT to the CREATOR. LISTEN, EXPLORE, INTERACT, and GROW in learning how your CONTENT can lead and CREATE FOLLOWERS to FOLLOW the right message.

15th and 16th

9 am to 5 pm

Hilton Chennai, Guindy.

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2022 Recap - Prepare To Lead

Blending technology with leadership is a unique skill and in this year 2022’s conference, we invite you to experience not just media, but also how we get prepared in leadership in this disruptive season.
Global leaders, experienced in both media and leadership, would be sharing their best practices with us.

The last 2 years have disrupted every one of us in a way. Amidst this disruption, there has been an exponential growth in online media and people consuming content through their devices.

We, in ICMA, strongly believe that this is our season to GET PREPARED TO LEAD!


CBN India
Ron Harris
Dr Phil Cooke
Mega Voice
Morgan Jackson
Dr Paul Dhinakaran
Natchi Lazarus
satish kumar



Sanjiv Edward
Honorary President - ICMA


Ashvin Dhyriam
Honorary Vice President - ICMA